14 June 2011

Looking for me.......

I have moved!


New address, same craftee goodness.

See you there.


13 June 2011

change of address......


So I am just going to come right out and say it - I have moved. Yep that's right you can now keep up with all the One Craftee Mumma words and photos over www.onecrafteemumma.com.

Don't forget to change your RSS feed and any links!

Can't wait to see you there......

24 May 2011

they say.......

a change is as good as a holiday right?!?

Well I am making some changes which is why things have been a little quiet around here of late. That and my real life funnily enough taking a priority over this life.

So together with the help of someone awesome I will soon have a new home. All will be revealed shortly.

I am still popping in to see what you have all been up too and soon you will be able to see what I have been doing!

Until then......

11 May 2011

quick three :: children's books

I implemented a rule in my house when Master N was about 6 months old and had been given every toy under the sun. The rule was 'If you feel the need to bring a present every time you come to visit, it must be a book'. Not unreasonable I think after all at least a book is something that can continue to give rather than be thrown in the toy box and forgotten about right?

So here are the three books that I read a lot to Master N....

There's a Yeti in my Shed - Master N adores this book! I know it word for word! I must admit that it is kind of cute!

Big Yellow Digger - I think the big wheels that spin are a big winner with this book. I think we spent a whole $2, if I had $2 for the number of times this book has been read and driven around the house I would be a millionaire.

Funny Frog - This book was given to Master N by a family friend and he loves it! It has such cute little illustrations and as it says on the front lots of surprises!

Playing along with Kasiabear - you should too!

creative collective link love...

I haven't got far this week with my next Creative Collective In the Hoop project, but here is a sneak peek......

Have you made any progress with your project this week?

Pop on over to the Creative Collective Blog and show us what you've been up to!

wordless wednesday....

More Wordless Wednesday fun here......

10 May 2011

etsy shop love....

[All Images from The Wheat Field on Etsy]

A few of these gorgeous prints have been popping up in the You Might Like section of My Etsy lately and once again Etsy you are right, I do like - a lot!

The designs, the colours, the fonts - all of it is just gorgeous!

Be sure to check out The Wheat Field on Etsy - even if it is just to brighten your day!

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