23 February 2010

Notecards - Can you have too many???

Whilst I probably should be cleaning my house, I decided that cleaning out my Etsy Favourites List was also an important cleaning duty which of course had to be done NOW!

So I have bitten the bullet and decided, if you are not going to buy it......delete it! Extreme, I know!

I did however notice that I had quite a selection of notecards in my Favourites List and I like them all.......

by luckybeepress

by mewpaperarts

by lockette

And finally.....

by annarubyking, these are just two of many favourites from this shop.

I think I have to have them all...... too hard to choose just one and they are all so unique in their own little way! What to do, what to do!!

Happy Tuesday!


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