24 May 2011

they say.......

a change is as good as a holiday right?!?

Well I am making some changes which is why things have been a little quiet around here of late. That and my real life funnily enough taking a priority over this life.

So together with the help of someone awesome I will soon have a new home. All will be revealed shortly.

I am still popping in to see what you have all been up too and soon you will be able to see what I have been doing!

Until then......

11 May 2011

quick three :: children's books

I implemented a rule in my house when Master N was about 6 months old and had been given every toy under the sun. The rule was 'If you feel the need to bring a present every time you come to visit, it must be a book'. Not unreasonable I think after all at least a book is something that can continue to give rather than be thrown in the toy box and forgotten about right?

So here are the three books that I read a lot to Master N....

There's a Yeti in my Shed - Master N adores this book! I know it word for word! I must admit that it is kind of cute!

Big Yellow Digger - I think the big wheels that spin are a big winner with this book. I think we spent a whole $2, if I had $2 for the number of times this book has been read and driven around the house I would be a millionaire.

Funny Frog - This book was given to Master N by a family friend and he loves it! It has such cute little illustrations and as it says on the front lots of surprises!

Playing along with Kasiabear - you should too!

creative collective link love...

I haven't got far this week with my next Creative Collective In the Hoop project, but here is a sneak peek......

Have you made any progress with your project this week?

Pop on over to the Creative Collective Blog and show us what you've been up to!

wordless wednesday....

More Wordless Wednesday fun here......

10 May 2011

etsy shop love....

[All Images from The Wheat Field on Etsy]

A few of these gorgeous prints have been popping up in the You Might Like section of My Etsy lately and once again Etsy you are right, I do like - a lot!

The designs, the colours, the fonts - all of it is just gorgeous!

Be sure to check out The Wheat Field on Etsy - even if it is just to brighten your day!

08 May 2011

pretty pictures :: chrysanthemums



Hope you are being spoilt! I know I am!

07 May 2011

this week I am grateful for....

Little Hands - Master N had his second day at Daycare this week and very proudly presented me with this gorgeous poem for Mother's Day - yes it bought tears to my eyes. All he kept saying was 'hands stuck' he is not so good with sticky stuff on his little hands!

Unexpected Mail - especially when it is chocolate! Thanks Sister xo

Cups of Tea - and having five minutes to enjoy a hot one.

Joining in with Maxabella Loves - you should too!!

06 May 2011

a giveaway....

[Spring Green Floral Zippered Pouch by Andrea Creates]

You might remember here I confessed my love for the little Etsy Store - Andrea Creates. I am also an avid reader of Andrea's Blog which is always full of pretty things.

I was delighted when this morning I read that Andrea had hit 100 sales in her little Etsy Store and is celebrating by having a giveaway and offering a very generous discount for any items purchased from her little store.

For all the details check out Andrea's Blog here.

Congratulations Andrea!

yes it does....


Even better with a packet of chocolate biscuits to dunk - just my opinion of course!

Happy Friday!

04 May 2011

wordless wednesday.......

Bless Him........

More Wordless Wednesday fun over here....

Creative Collective Link Love

Here is my first project for the Creative Collective In the Hoop Project. I first spotted this embroidery pattern on Pinterest and after a little bit of investigating I came across it on the Wild Olive Blog.

I enjoyed stitching this cute pattern. The colours were bright and I do like a bit of relaxing time with the needle and thread!

Have you started your In the Hoop project? Why not share what you are up to and join in with the Creative Collective's Link Love.......

03 May 2011

quick three :: chocolate


Chocolate - oh how I love thee but it seems only when I am breastfeeding do I just HAVE to have it ALL the time..... strange huh!

So my favourite three chocolates of choice - in no particular order....

Cherry Ripe - I love a cherry ripe, anytime - day or night!

Fruit & Nut - This is a fairly new favourit of mine, I am partial to chocolate sulatanas too but this just has the added bonus of the nuts!

Whittakers Toasted Coconut Slab - One word - YUM! That is all I need to say!

Playing along with Kasiabear....

02 May 2011

etsy shop love....

[all images from Chloe's Closet Boutique on Etsy]

I remember when Master N was a bub that I searched high and low for a bib that actually soaked up the drool but kept the little guy dry. I did eventually find them but of course like all good things, they became a good seller and suddenly the quality dropped and they were hopeless. So here I am with Baby H, more of a drooler than Master N ever was.

So the search began, again for the perfect bib. I came across Chloe's Closet Boutique and loved all the bright colourful designs, so I placed an order. I received my little parcel and can I just say that I have just placed my third order for more bibs with the lovely Carmen! They are great and exactly what I was after! Cute, fashionable and practical!

So from a Mummy to a drooly baby I definitely recommend these gorgeous bibs! Oh and you can never have too many of them!

01 May 2011

pretty pictures :: all wrapped up





Happy Sunday!

creative collective :: may project

Be Inspired:
We are sure that you have all noticed the trending use of the faithful old Embroidery Hoop. This month’s project is all about this very versatile crafting tool! We want you to use your creative flair and create something, anything using an embroidery hoop. Any size, round or oval, the choice is yours!

We want to see what you have created! Take a photo of your In the Hoop Project and upload it to the Creative Collective Flickr Group or the Facebook Page so we can all see how you have used your embroidery hoop!

Don’t forget to include, in the comments/description fields, what items you used to complete your project, why you chose to do what you did and if you have a tutorial so others can do it too. The more information you can leave the greater the chance of the image being used by other people.

If you are a regular blogger be sure to stop by the Creative Collective Blog each Wednesday for our Creative Collective Link Love post where you can add your link and share the progress of your project with us all.

This project runs from today until 31 May 2011. After this date the Creative Collective Members will blog about some of the great items you all create!

If you are stuck for ideas, need someone to bounce ideas off or just generally want to chat with other crafty minded people, sign up to the Creative Collective Forum and see what the buzz is about!

Now it is time to get your craft on! We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

- All items must be handmade by you.
- All items must include an Embroidery Hoop.
- By submitting your photos to the Creative Collective Flickr Group you are agreeing to letting these images be used on other Blogs associated with this challenge.
- All photos you submit to the Creative Collective Flickr Group must not have copyright restrictions. This will allow the Creative Collective Members to feature your images on their blogs.
- All images used to promote this Creative Collective Project must be credited to the source. Failure to do so will result in possible removal from future projects.
- Please only submit photos that relate to this Project. Any photos submitted that do not relate to the current project will be deleted.
- By submitting photos to this project you are agreeing to adhere to these conditions.

Happy Crafting!

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