28 February 2010

Need a little pick me up??

Do yourself a favour and head over to Lemon Tree Studio! This Etsy Shop has the most colourful, not to mention divine things I have seen in a little while!

Check out some of these little finds......

Gorgeous Butterfly Embellishments

Beautiful Clutch Bag

Sweet Rubber Stamps

Bright & Colourful American Crafts Paper

Adorable Forest Friends Magnets

Hello Card

Cute Flower Tags

So much cute stuff, all guaranteed to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside!

Check out the blog here too! I am definetely now a follower!

Hope your weekend was great!

27 February 2010

A Friday night with a difference.....

Last night saw us tick off one of the items on our 2010 Bucket List.

Kayaking on the Brisbane River and it didn't disappoint! Mother Nature was on our side after a pretty average day of rain and wind and provided us with a balmy night for a casual kayak! So off we headed, Husband, Sister, Sister's Boyfriend and of course Me to Riverlife at Kangaroo Point where the adventure was to begin.

After watching the sun go down and the city light up it was time for a quick lesson in kayaking and then we were on our own! We paddled around the river, under the Story Bridge and back again. Close to two hours of peaceful surroundings, great company and a little bit of hard work, couldn't think of a better way to spend a Friday night!

Here are a few snaps......

Suprisingly nobody ended up in the River and also I am not feeling sore like I thought I would be today! What a bonus!

Looking forward to heading out for dinner with Husband tonight!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

25 February 2010

Step One - Single Flower Packaging and Wrapping

So last night was the first instalment of my Commercial Floristry Course at Perrotts School of Floristry. I was in Flower Heaven the second I walked in the door. Their retail outlet at Herston is just divine, from the huge white sideboard, to the gorgeous little wire birdcages, the stunning phalaenopsis orchids and of course the trademark Perrotts Florist posy's waiting to be purchased for a very lucky someone.

After a tour of the Studio it was then down to business. Firstly a pop quiz on what flower is this? where I learnt two things. Did you know that the sap that comes from the stem of a Daffodil is harmful to other flowers and is quite toxic?? Or that Gypsophilia is the flash name for Baby's Breath? Who would have thought.

We then learnt the differences between focal, secondary and filler flowers when it comes to putting them together, some of these were not as obvious as they seemed. We then looked at the difference between a spike, cluster and round flower before a bit of a trivia session on flowers in general.

It was then down to the fun stuff! Learning how to package and wrap a single flower, which just as I had assumed, wasn't as easy as it looked! I was however delighted that Perrots use the Martha Stewart technique for tying their bows! So anyway, here is my first attempt at being Tamara the Florist!

Not a bad effort I thought!

Next week we are tackling the Hand Tied Classic Bouquet and considering that we will be jumping straight into it at the beginning of our lesson I think that it is definetely going to be a challenge!

That's it for today, I am off to the Flower Market with my gorgeous little boy to see what we can find!

Have a great day!

24 February 2010

I guess you either have it....... Or you don't!

My motto for my next adventure.

So tonight see's my first class in my Commercial Floristry Course. I am guessing that I won't be coming home with something like this.......

but maybe something like this.....

Yes, that's right - First Lesson..... Single flower packaging and wrapping. Sounds easy right? I bet there is a catch!

Will keep you posted each Thursday with hopefully a photo of what I have come up with at the Wednesday night class!

23 February 2010

Notecards - Can you have too many???

Whilst I probably should be cleaning my house, I decided that cleaning out my Etsy Favourites List was also an important cleaning duty which of course had to be done NOW!

So I have bitten the bullet and decided, if you are not going to buy it......delete it! Extreme, I know!

I did however notice that I had quite a selection of notecards in my Favourites List and I like them all.......

by luckybeepress

by mewpaperarts

by lockette

And finally.....

by annarubyking, these are just two of many favourites from this shop.

I think I have to have them all...... too hard to choose just one and they are all so unique in their own little way! What to do, what to do!!

Happy Tuesday!

20 February 2010

Kikki.k....... oh how I love thee!

Just when I thought Kikki.k could not get any better I stumble across this.....

White by Kikki.k

I LOVE IT!! Floors, walls, ceiling and everything in between! Of course the only store at the moment is in Sydney. Definetely on my list of things to do when we are there next.

A night out........

Husband has volunteered to look after Baby Ryder for the night so I am off to dinner with a very special friend! Looking forward to a relaxing dinner, lots of chat and maybe a wine (or two)!! This might give you a hint about the dinner venue....

It's been a very long week, one I would rather forget. Not to mention a very busy couple of weeks coming up which will include a few things being ticked off the 2010 Bucket List!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

16 February 2010

Gorgeous Etsy Find......

I really didn't have to look too hard for this gorgeous item..... One was featured on the front page of Etsy so I took myself to have a look at the Etsy Store of Kreativlink only to find a whole array of gorgeous journals......

Aren't they just divine?? I think the last one is my favourite.....

15 February 2010

Oh Happy Monday!

I arrived home this afternoon to find a parcel waiting patiently in my letterbox. To my delight inside were the gorgeous cards I purchased from the lovely Paige! This definetely brightened up my Monday!

My favourite is definetely the one with all the buttons!

Thanks so much Paige! Can't wait to get them up on my Inspiration Board!

How was your Monday?

14 February 2010

No longer a distant memory!

A little while back whilst checking out the Boutique Markets in Brisbane I came across some gorgeous little brooches at Udessi. After being hurried along by husband these brooches became a distant memory. That was until late last night when I stumbled across the Etsy Store of the very talented Sophie from Sophie Isobel Designs. So after looking at every item listed in the store five times and still not being able to decide on which brooch I wanted to purchase, I then signed myself up to Sophie's Blog Her Library Adventures.

So the point of me blogging about this you ask?? Well Sophie is having a giveaway on her blog where you can win one of her gorgeous brooches! Do yourself a favour and check it out, her little pieces are just divine! Sophie is also offering FREE shipping for the month of February in her Etsy Store. Only thing is trying to decide which one to buy!!

Til next time....

08 February 2010

A bit STAR struck!!!

Just had to write about this!

I follow the blog of Paige who I admire and get a lot of inspiration from! It is through Paige's blog that I found Kristina from Blog Designs by Two Happy Mama's who I can credit for my fab looking blog!

Anyway you can only imagine how excited I was (and if you can't I am pee my pants excited!) when I read Paige's latest blog post where she casually mentioned that she has put some of the cards she has been working on lately in her Etsy Store. So before I could do anything more I jumped straight on only to find that some of the cards that I have admired on her blog recently are still available for purchase!! After running out to my husband (who was playing his PS3) and announcing my excitement (to which he replied, you just got me killed.....) I have purchased these beautiful cards....

Aren't they just gorgeous? I have no intention to giving these cards to anyone, these will have pride of place on my inspiration board!

I am so excited that I will have these gorgeous pieces made by someone that I admire!! Thanks Paige!

Til next time......

06 February 2010

A few finds......

I have decided that I would share with you every so often some of my finds on Etsy and Made It (Australia's version of Etsy), god knows I spend hours on both these websites and find lots of gorgeous handmade items......

Today I am loving these tasty little morsels.....

Gorgeous Yoda Singlet (I can see Nate getting around in this!!)

It is from a Store on Made It called Fort and Crib

These Crayon/Pencil Rolls are such a great idea and can be found at a little store called Bianca Jae Makes Stuff

And last but not least a favourite from Etsy this gorgeous little Hoot from Tiny Warbler

Can't believe it is Saturday night already, where do the weekends go! Enjoy your Sunday, there is rain predicted in Brisbane for Sunday. So much stuff to do but might just have to have a lazy day indoors!!


03 February 2010

A big few days!!

We have just spent an extra long weekend in Sydney. Mitch had to travel down there for work so Nate and I tagged along for the trip. We spent a night with Mitch's Grandma (Nate's Great Grandma) which was really nice. We don't see her very often and the last time she saw Nate he was about 3 weeks old! She was delighted to see him and even managed to keep up with him for most of the time!

We headed into the City on Saturday afternoon and had a quiet night in with some amazing Japanese food, a glass of wine and an early bed. Sunday we headed to the Fish Markets at Pyrmont and treated ourselves to a massive meal of oysters, prawns and yep, you guessed it, more wine! Had to take a photo to share with you!

And a happy snap of Nate and I!

After lunch we made our way to Circular Quay and wandered around the Rocks Markets.....

We then jumped on a ferry back to Darling Harbour.

Nate and I explored the City on Monday whilst Mitch was at work and on Tuesday Nate treated me to a sleep in and didn't wake til 7am! Yay! Tired and weary we arrived back in Brisbane yesterday afternoon, only to have our new car break down again (second time in less than a month) on the way home from the airport and we had to have it towed, again! Aaarrghh!!! Anyway.......

Was nice to come home and find a little Etsy purchase waiting for me!

Aren't they just so cute and they were packaged up so lovely too! I can't wait to use the bookmarks to keep track of days in my diary and favourites in my inspiration diary too! The other little treasures in the tin are thumbtacks, can't wait to put them into action! You can check out Katie Le Roy's Etsy Store HERE she has some gorgeous things.

Anyway, this Crafty Mumma is signing off! My soft, squishy pillow is calling my name.


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