30 August 2010

at my house......

I am struggling to work up the energy to do what seems like thousands of loads of washing that I just couldn't be bothered to do on the weekend....

I am also struggling to work up the energy to pack bags and get organised for our little getaway that we are going on on Wednesday......

I am struggling to keep up with Nate who seems to have endless amounts of energy!

Seems to be a lot of struggling happening!

At my house I am also busy making stock, packing stock, taking photos of stock and listing stock in the stores!

And right at the moment I am typing this blog post, enjoying a HOT cup of tea and watching The Bold and The Beautiful, luckily it is so easy to follow as it is the first episode I have seen in a while!

Oh and you can catch up with what is happening at everyone else's house here.

Happy Monday!

27 August 2010

memories of melbourne - part one.....

Well it seems like it was forever ago that we spent a few days in sunny/windy/rainy/cold Melbourne!

I was just going through some photos and thought I would share a few with you.....

I am sure there were plenty of other gorgeous sights at Flinders Street Station that I could have snapped but no, I took photos of the little Flower Store at the entrance....

If I lived in Melbourne my house would be filled to the brim with gorgeous blooms, they are so, so cheap down there!

Happy Friday!

25 August 2010

gorgeous nursery inspiration......

I don't think that any words are needed to describe just how divine this nursery is.... *sigh*

Images from the b-line

Happy Wednesday.....

24 August 2010

etsy treasury......

It's that time of the week again!

Image from PistachioPress

You can see my latest Etsy Treasury List 'Lovely Letterpress' here.

Happy Tuesday.....

cute kokeshi dolls......

I came across this cute paper and couldn't resist it!

I have just listed a set of Handmade Cards and Gift Tags in the Made It and Etsy Stores.

23 August 2010

made it mentions.....

As we are discussing the addition of a Dog to our household I thought it only fitting that today's Made It Mentions revolved around all things Dogs!

Here we go.....

Cute Denim Scotty Hair Clip by Denim Days

Hound Dog Soft Toy by Jojas - I love this little guy!

Fancy Dog Leash by Allana C

Poky Little Puppy - Golden Book Magnet by Ruby Lime Design

Happy Monday!

22 August 2010

featured in etsy treasury....

A big thank you to knofje who has featured my Mini White Doily Embellishments in an Etsy Treasury titled Dutch Blues, a gorgeous mix of blue and whites. You can see it here.

Enjoy your Sunday!

21 August 2010

i won a giveaway.........

And I didn't even know I was entered!

What have I won I hear you ask, well here it is - a gorgeous little tote bag featuring fabric applique's of Cupcake Tree Designs original rubber stamps....

You can check out the Cupcake Tree Designs Blog here.

Happy Saturday!

20 August 2010

polka dot party inspiration.....

A certain Uber person is turning 30 in a couple of months and has decided that polka dots are the theme.

Here are some pics I found on the blog Just Call Me Martha, lots of loveliness can be found here!

Isn't it lovely! I just love a good party!!

Happy Friday!

19 August 2010

my creative space.....

My little Creative Space has consisted of dragonfly and heart punchies, 1600 of them in fact! In a pretty pale blue and silver colour palette. All for a lovely lady who is getting married next month! Enjoy the big day Megan!

Check out more Creative Spaces here.

Off to Mamma Mia tonight at QPAC! Can't wait!

17 August 2010

etsy treasury......

Image from Paper Tree Design

In keeping with my previous post you can check out my latest Etsy Treasury Things with Wings here.


things with wings.....

Not much to report on today, lacking a bit of blogging inspiration and energy!

I have just added some new paper punchies to the Made It Store...

Butterflies and Dragonflies in gorgeous colours that I have called my Sorbet Mix - the colours reminded me of that Gelatissimo ice cream shop....

Butterflies in a Classic Black & White Mix

Dragonflies in my Everbloom Mix

Off to start the bathtime, dinner time, bed time routine. Husband is away and the routine seems to take a thousand times longer on my own!

Happy Tuesday!

16 August 2010

new embellishment kits.....

Available now in the Etsy Store

made it mentions.....

Inspired by Uber Claire and an upcoming dotty event today's Made It Mentions are inspired by all things dotty.... Enjoy!

Sorbet Dots Pleated Wristlet Clutch by Odds and Blobs

Hair Elastics - Coloured Spots on Red by Buttons by Lou Lou

Polka Dots Galore Fabric Wall Art by Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love

Set of Ten Cards by Moonmum

point & shoot.......

I love this photo of my little guy! He had so much fun with the penguins at the Melbourne Aquarium!

You can see more Point and Shoot posts here.

Happy Monday!

14 August 2010

calico & co stationery swap.....

I was excited to see the Postman wandering in my front gate with an arm load of parcels yesterday morning! Amongst some very exciting things was my Calico & Co Stationery Swap parcel from the loverly Cat.

Note - Cat I had to steal your photo from the Flickr group because I was so excited I ripped the wrapping off before a photo could be taken!!

Inside the gorgeous wrapping was the cutest set of Kikki K Stamps! Now either Cat and I are on the same wave length or she did some good researching and saw that I have a bit of a thing for stamps at the moment!

Thanks Cat! I love them!

You can check out the other great Calico & Co Stationery Swap items here.

13 August 2010

a nice surprise.......

Once again, I find myself being distracted by my loyal friend, the internet. I was checking out the comments regarding the Calico & Co Big Birthday Craft/Handmade Swap (details can be found here) this morning and snooping around my fellow swappers blogs. I came across a little blog called You, Me & Miss E.

I was so excited that in the first post I read, the lovely Ellie had included my Amy Butler Lotus Tea Box Handmade Cards in her Madeit dot com post (you can see it here)!

I then found myself trawling through the whole of Ellie's blog and also found myself becoming very envious of her crochet skills!

Thanks Ellie for including my cards in your post, you made my day!

12 August 2010

etsy treasury by one craftee mumma!......

Image from IndieLaser

So I got distracted from things that I should be doing and did something that I wanted to do!

Here is another Etsy Treasury by yours truly....

Now back to the tasks at hand.......

etsy treasury.....

A big thank you to littleobywolfbrother who was kind enough to include my Vintage Romeo & Juliet Heart Punchies in their Etsy Treasury titled My Secret Crush on You. You can see it here.

Hopefully I will be back on the blogging bandwagon tomorrow, have been busy catching up since our return from gorgeous Melbourne.

Happy Thursday!

10 August 2010

flower love - rountree flowers.....

Just wanted to share this gorgeous website that I found during my travels.

Let me introduce you to Rountree Flowers a gorgeous floral designer in New York....

Images from Rountree Flowers...

I have come across some gorgeous florists on random streets here in Melbourne all filled with gorgeous flowers that thrive in the cold climate.

The weather has been unkind to us today and we are defrosting and drying out in our hotel room watching Toy Story 2!

Happy Tuesday!

09 August 2010

made it monday.....

As I am spending this fabulous Monday in fabulous Melbourne here are a few Made It Finds from the lovely local Melbourne Girls!


The Oh So Handy Key Band by Mira Narnie - I would just like to add that I have one of these little beauties and can honestly say it is the best $8.00 I have ever spent! Thanks Brenda x

Love Sweet Treats Card Set by Red Letter Studio

Gorgeous Sweet Treats Ponytail Pack by lulu froufrou

Cute Alice in Wonderland Fabric Greeting Card by Here we go Loopy Lou

Cool Retro Bambi Zippered Pouch by My One Brown Mouse

These lovely ladies are all followers of my little blog and have fabulous blogs of their own!

I am off to enjoy your fabulous city!

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