28 February 2011

etsy shop love....

The gorgeous Cat introduced me to this lovely little Etsy Store - Messagemark - based in Adelaide, Australia.

Filled with gorgeous designs, all of which are just divine! If only I had more walls in my home!

creative collective :: february project

I honestly didn't think that I would get this project done, time was definetely not on my side - never seems to be at the moment!

Although I didn't get crazy creative with my postcards like I wanted to, I got them finished and delivered on Saturday morning whilst visiting the Farmer's Market at New Farm Park.

Here are the pics....

Check out more of the Random Acts of Kindness that have been hidden at the Creative Collective Flickr Group.

Oh and guess what....... Only one more sleep til the March Project is announced!

27 February 2011

pretty pictures :: all the colours of the rainbow





Happy Sunday!

26 February 2011

this week I am grateful for.....

My fab new credit card that allows me to pay for my fuel without even going inside the shop at any Woolworths Service Station.

Just another thing that makes life as a Mummy a whole lot easier!

Oh and did I mention that it gave me a bonus 14c a litre off my fuel!

Playing along with Maxabella Loves - you should too!

Happy Saturday!

25 February 2011

creative collective :: january project wrap up

This post is well overdue but to be totally honest with you - I forgot all about it!

Here are my favourite NEW CRAFTS from the January Creative Collective Project!

Gorgeous Button House by Chantal

Cute Freezer Paper Stenciled Tote Bag by Amanda

Lovely Alphabet Tags by Terese

Thanks to everyone who joined in!

24 February 2011


There it is..... Up ahead, I think I see it.... Is that light at the end of the tunnel!

To say that I have been walking around in a haze of dirty nappies, washing piles taller than me, a two year old who throws tantrums worthy of an Oscar nomination and days where I don't seem to have time to get out of my pyjamas for the last, hmmm, 10 weeks is an understatement!

Yesterday I finally felt like I had achieved something! And no, I didn't get the bed made, the washing done, the toilets cleaned nor did I have dinner ready and waiting when husband got home. What I achieved was so much better than all of these things put together.

This is what happened....

1 :: Baby H managed a car trip to Master N's swimming lessons without screaming blue murder the whole way, this made Mummy much less frazzled upon arrival!

2 :: Master N was actually excited about going to his swimming lesson and there was no screaming or clinging to me for dear life as I walked him out to the pool.

3 :: Baby H then sat peacefully in the car - no screaming - on our drive to the Shopping Centre.

4 :: Both the boys were very well behaved whilst I got everything done that needed doing - a stress free trip around Westfield, who would have thought!

5 :: Baby H then totally outdid himself and fell asleep in the car on the way home from the Shopping Centre.

Ever since we bought Baby H home from the hospital he has hated the car, the minute you put him in the car set he bellows like a little bull. So bad in fact that I generally sit in the back in between the two children to try and minimise the screaming. Him not screaming in the car was a huge step for us!

I am not a hard to please person as you can see, it's the simple things! Maybe I will now venture out of the house a little bit more!

cooking up a feast....

I am giving this Crushed Cherry Tomato Pasta a go for dinner tonight.

Looks tasty - will let you know if it is!

my creative space....

So I haven't been all that creative this week unless you class sorting what feels like ten tonne of washing into colour co-ordinated piles ready for the washing machine.....

I do however intend to start on this little packet mix dinosaur softie that I bought from Spotlight a while back.

I will be sure to share once I am done!

See what all the other creative types have been up to over at Kootoyoo.

23 February 2011

i agree wholeheartedly.....

Hope you are enjoying some wasted time!

wordless wednesday....

Little helping hands......

Playing along with Faith Hope and a Whole Lotta Love - why don't you join in the fun?

22 February 2011

quick three :: favourite shoes

Converse All Stars - Oh how I love thee! I got my first pair a couple of years ago and haven't looked back. I live in them in winter - so comfy and versatile.

Havaianas - These are a staple items in everyone's wardrobe I think! I have my good pairs and my around the house pairs!

Slippers - I love slippers too! Kind of like pyjamas really - can you have too many pairs?

Playing along with Kasiabear - you should too!

Happy Tuesday!

*Please let me know if you know the original source of this image found on Pinterest.

21 February 2011

etsy shop love......

I have a slight obsession with this little Etsy Store. For those of you who are not familiar let me introduce you to Isabell's Umbrella.

Isabell's Umbrella is a little store filled with so much cuteness! Little notecards, magnets, cards, the list goes on.

I can't wait to get my latest order!

Do yourself a favour and have a little browse through this store - you won't be disappointed!

20 February 2011

pretty pictures :: too good to eat




I think we all agree that these cupcakes are much better than my effort here...

Happy Sunday!

19 February 2011

this week i am grateful for...

A good packet mix cake! *Hangs head in shame*!

Ok so I am not a baker, I have the odd thing that I have mastered and can confidently whip up if needed but I have never mastered cooking cakes from scratch. I dream of getting cupcakes that are nice and even and not all sagging to one side or looking like a small mountain.

So Thursday was Husband's birthday and I thought I should probably make a concerted effort to bake something to go with his dinner of choice. Whilst I was scrambling around my pantry to see what items I could whip together so to speak, I stumbled across a packet mix that I obviously had bought intending to put on my Suzie Homemaker Hat at some stage.

I whipped it up and voila cupcakes that were even on top not a single sign of a mountain peak anywhere!

My Official Taste Tester didn't have a bad word to say about them either! He may just be biased though!

Joining in with Maxabella Loves - you should too!

18 February 2011

note to self.....

Something I need to learn to do - easier said than done......


Happy Friday!

quick three :: favourite items of clothing

Pyjamas - I think I own more pyjamas than other clothes! I could wear them 24/7, somedays I do, I don't think that is bad??

White T-Shirts - Can never have too many of these bad boys! Although I am slowly figuring out that white is not the most practical colour with two little people around!

Black Tights - Never thought I would say this but I have become a fan of tights! So comfy and easy to wear! Can dress them up or down! Looking forward to some cooler weather so I can start wearing them again!

Joining in with Kasiabear - you should too!

16 February 2011

wordless wednesday.....


More Wordless Wednesday fun over here....

14 February 2011

pretty pictures :: yummy hearts





Hope you are being spoilt and maybe indulging in something as yummy looking as these sweet treats tonight!

pretty pictures :: crafty hearts

[all images from a creative mint]

Gorgeous images from a gorgeous blog...

Happy Valentines Day!


12 February 2011

this week i am grateful for.....

A change of pace....

It's amazing how time away from your everyday life can recharge the batteries! I have spent the last week at my Mum and Dad's place with the boys - for those of you who aren't aware, my Mum and Dad live smack bang in the middle of a huge apple orchard. I love it here. Husband arrived down here on Thursday night and we are heading home tomorrow.

It has been so nice knowing that I didn't have any routine things to do like swimming lessons, grocery shopping, housework etc.

It has been nice to sit and play with the little ones ALL day without feeling bad because there was some kind of house chore that I should have been doing.

It has been nice to have two extra sets of hands to help with the bathing, feeding, bedtime routine.

It has been nice for a simple change of pace!

Head on over and see what everyone else is grateful for with Maxabella Loves...

09 February 2011

etsy shop love....

I came across the little Etsy Store of Sweet William when reading this post by the lovely Mandy from Busy Bee Handmade - thanks for sharing this Mandy!

I love the colours and simple designs found in all their artwork and especially love the Mend and Make Do illustration.


wordless wednesday....

More Wordless Wednesday fun over here.....

Happy Wednesday!

08 February 2011

quick three.....coffee shops i love...

I am not a massive coffee drinker so when I feel like a coffee it's gotta be a good one! I am a huge fan of Di Bella Coffee so of course the three coffee shops I love all sell Di Bella!

Di Bella Drive Thru Cafe
How much more perfect can this get - Di Bella and a Drive Thru! The perfect Mummy cafe!

Cafe Urbano
A fab place for breakfast (the french toast with mascarpone is to die for) and coffee or just a takeaway coffee!

Cup a Cake
Located in my local Westfield not only do they sell Di Bella but they also sell divine cupcakes!

In saying this - I did, after a stressful three and a half hours in the car with a screaming Baby H (more on this later) stop at a McCafe yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised and must say that the carrot cake was yummo!

Playing along with Kasiabear....

06 February 2011

pretty pictures :: puppy love

So we have been cotemplating the addition of a puppy to our little family - a little Boston Terrier would be the puppy of our dreams.

How could you possible resist one of these little cuties!





Happy Sunday!

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