31 October 2010

creative collective :: spring craft project wrap up

So today saw the close of the Creative Collective :: Spring Craft Project. I am sure that I am speaking for all the Creative Collective girls when I say that we had some fantastic submissions from everyone that entered!

Above are the four projects that caught my eye for one reason or another! I have to say that I am loving the zippered pouch by Ellie!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to participate in the first Creative Collective project. We have another exciting project to share with you tomorrow for the month of November, be sure to check back then! In the meantime pop on over to the Facebook Page and the Flickr Group to see all the fab craftiness from the Spring Craft Project!

creative collective spring project :: my creation

Well here it is! My creative contribution to the Creative Collective's Spring Craft Challenge. A very long Scalloped Bunting made with some pretty fabrics that I have had for a little while but just didn't know what to do with them!

I will be back later with a wrap up of the project including my favourites!

29 October 2010

recent purchases.....

one :: Business Card Wallet by andreacreates
two :: Home Pears by Red Stitch Designs
three :: Plush Mauve Vintage Chenille Babushka Doll by Vintage Chenille
four:: Winter in the Little Forest Holiday Card Set by StephanieFizer

Just a few of my recent purchases, I love them all!

28 October 2010

my creative space - fruit and flower arrangement

As mentioned here yesterday I was attending a lesson I missed earlier in the year of my Commercial Floristry Course at Perrott's School of Floristry last night. I was a little concerned that all I had learnt wouldn't come back to me but I was suprised when I just slotted straight back into it! Here is my Fruit and Flower arrangement....

For more creative loveliness head over here.

27 October 2010

flower love.....

Well tonight I am headed back to school and I am excited! I have three lessons of my Commercial Floristry Course at Perrotts School of Floristry to make up, the first of which is tonight.

It has been a little whiles since I shared some flower love so here you go....

[all images]

All the above floral creations were created by Blumin in Trentham, Victoria. I came across their work on Twitter! I love the types of flowers and combinations that they use in their creations and I love the fresh herb and flower creations too!

I will be back tomorrow to share my creation from tonight.

wordless wednesday.......

Master N and Daddy helping Mummy with the housework......

For more Wordless Wednesday fun head over here...

Happy Wednesday!

26 October 2010

new brown owls group.....

Are you interested in dabbling in different crafts and having a chat with other clever types at the same time?

Do you live in the Moreton Bay Shire (Caboolture, Bribie Island, Redcliffe etc)?

If the answers were YES and YES pop on over here for more info, the lovely Jess would love to hear from you.

let the planning begin.....

I was so excited to receive all the bits and pieces for Nate's 2nd Birthday Party from the very clever Jeniene at Ciaobambino. I got Jeniene to do all the hard work last year too, you can see photos here!

So now I guess I have no excuse to pull my finger out and get cracking on the invitations - although I am cheating and making them very similar to last years but with a bit of a twist!

I think that I am going to attempt a rocket cake to fit in with the Toy Story theme. I saw one on a blog a while back but of course didn't save the link, don't you hate that!

25 October 2010

christmas trees & cute owls.....

New to the Made It Store Handmade Christmas Cards and Tags by One Craftee Mumma!

one :: Christmas Gift Tags
two :: Mini Handmade Rectangle Gift Cards
three :: Handmade Square Cards
four :: Mini Handmade Square Gift Cards

More designs to come....

made it finds - all about pink...

In honour of Pink Ribbon Day here are some pretty pink finds from Made It....

one :: Pink Love Garland by Paper Tree Design

two :: Valley Haven - Vintage Inspired Hair Pins by Citrus Pop

three :: Pink & Orange Bubble Stickers by 3 Girls and a Goat

four :: Candy Pink Embroidered Brooch by Edward & Lilly

etsy treasury.....

An Etsy Treasury by ME to start the week!

Embroidery Hoop Art can be seen here!

Happy Monday!

24 October 2010

gnomeangel guest post.....

As part of the Creative Collective venture we will also be letting you in on a few secrets about ourselves with guest posts on each of the Creative Collective members blogs.

I let the cat out of the bag revealing a few secrets yesterday starting as a guest poster in the world of Gnomeangel. To see my top ten loves/crushes at the moment check out the post here . Thanks Ange for letting me take over for a little bit!

Happy Sunday!

creative collective :: spring craft challenge

Ok crafty people, the countdown is on! Only one week left to submit your Spring Craft Project to the Facebook Page or the Flickr Group or Both!

If you haven't started or want to find out more there is still time! More details can be found here.

23 October 2010

this saturday I am grateful for......grandparents

Or to be more precise Nate's Grandparents i.e. my Mum and Dad and Husband's Mum and Dad.

I never thought that seeing the joy our little boy brings to their faces would be so satisfying.

Not to mention one of said Grandparents telling me this week in a very random but lovely moment that I have 'no idea how much joy I have bought to their lives by bringing that little boy into the world'

For more Grateful Posts head on over to Maxabella Loves....

Happy Saturday...

22 October 2010

a baby purchase.....

I came across the Etsy Store of Raggedy Owl after reading this post on the gorgeous Zinnia Pea Blog.

I have ordered Baby Ryder #2 one of the gorgeous travel quilts pictured above, can you guess which one?

Can't tell you cause that would give away the secret.

Yep, I know what the Baby is!

Happy Friday!

21 October 2010

my creative space......

Ok so my creative space has a bit of a twist this week..... It doesn't involve paper, glue, ribbon, bakers twine or even punched paper. So what have I been up to that has been even remotely creative you ask......

A major case of nesting.... I have spent the week on a cleaning frenzy, yesterday I totally emptied the pantry and fridge/freezer, scrubbed, wiped, disinfected, threw out and rearranged. Didn't leave the kitchen all day. I was going to share photos but then thought that plastering photos of my revamped pantry and fridge was a bit weird!

I also realised yesterday the difference betweeen nesting and the urge to clean. With nesting you turn into a crazy, obsessed cleaning machine where nothing can drag you away from it, where as the urge to clean (for me anyway) comes and goes in between other little things....

I do have heaps of new stock to add to the stores, but like I said not even that could drag me away from the pantry and fridge yesterday. Maybe today....

For some real Creative Spaces head over to Kootoyoo.

20 October 2010

wednesday finds on made it.....

Cute Hoots!

one :: Felt Baby Owl by Plushka

two :: Dancing Owls Mobile by Birdy Num Num

three :: Christmas Owl Ornament by Red Stitch Designs

four :: Owl Card by Moonmum

wordless wednesday.....

Sick and sad little boy.....

More Wordless Wednesdays here.....

19 October 2010

halloween on sale.....

With Halloween approaching I have decided to put my tags, punchies and doily embellishments on sale.

You can find them in the Etsy Store here and the Made It Store here.

giveaway winner......

drumroll please.....

The random number generator picked number 2!


I will be sending you an email shortly!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to visit my Made It and Etsy Stores and left a comment, I will be contacting you all individually with a special deal to say thank you for taking the time to leave a comment!

18 October 2010

at my house.....

It has been all tea with lemon and honey, vicks, aloe vera tissues and dettol sanitising gel at my house today. I have a dreaded cold, can't believe I got this far through my pregnancy without a sniffle and here I am at 31 weeks and 3 days (not that I am counting) with a full on cold - runny nose, sore throat, losing my voice, thumping headache kind of cold. You name it I've got it!

Hopefully things will improve and my house will become a happier one soon!

For more at my house stories pop over to Lou's....

16 October 2010

this saturday I am grateful for....... bedtime

Master N has had the devil in him since he opened his little eyes this morning. I couldn't wait for 7pm to roll around tonight!

I am off to make a cuppa and then put myself to bed. I must say that I would rather be laying in one of the those tents in what looks like a very balmy evening in the photo above, except I am in Stanthorpe with Mum and Dad freezing to death!

Playing along with Maxabella Loves see more grateful posts here.

giveaway reminder....

Details here....

15 October 2010

alice in wonderland party.....

A little while back I was contacted by Carol from Creatively Bespoke Weddings & Events requesting a custom order of my Vintage Alice in Wonderland Scalloped Heart Tags.

I heard back from Carol last week with some photos of the gorgeous Alice in Wonderland Party that she planned and organisedfor one very lucky little girl......

Happy Friday!

13 October 2010

giveaway time.....

Ok, so it has been a little while and the weather is getting me down so why not give some things away!

Here are the details.....

The Giveaway is three (3) packs of punchies of your choice from my either my Made It or Etsy Store.

To receive an entry in the Giveaway here is what you do....

Head on over to my stores here and here and then come back here and leave me a comment telling me what your favourite product is.

More than happy for your to Blog about my giveaway on your blog, but make sure you come back here and leave me a comment with a link to your post and I will pop another entry in the draw for you.

Please remember to leave your email address or make sure I can contact your easily.

I am more than happy to send this little giveaway abroad. Entries will close at midnight AEST on Monday 18th October 2010.

I will announce the winner on Tuesday, 19 October 2010. Make sure you check back in then to see if you are the lucky winner!

Happy Wednesday!

12 October 2010

can't wait to get.....

yep, my own real life copy of Cake Pops! from the very clever lady behind Bakerella! If you haven't checked out the blog do yourself a favour and have a little look see!

Here are a few of my favourite cake pop pics from the Bakerella site....

Happy Tuesday....

11 October 2010

at my house......

Enough of the rain already!!! We left rainy Brisbane on Friday for a weekend away, crossing our fingers that it would be blue skies and sunny where we were headed but no it rained all the way there, the whole time we were there, all the way home and it is still raining. Master N is going stir crazy not being able to get his outside time which in turn is sending Mummy stir crazy! Believe me this rain is not singing in the rain kind of rain if you know what I mean - torrential is a better word for it! Oh the joys!

So at my house today....

I have written another list of things to do and am slowly plodding my way thru it....

Still trying to find inspiration for the Creative Collective Spring Craft Challenge - I might add that the rain is not helping this cause.....

Nesting is in full swing, so strange I had no inclination to nest when I was pregnant with Master N - husband is coping with this by smiling and shaking his head - often!

Lots of orders to fill which is exciting! The weather must be encouraging the online spending!

I am spending far to much time on Twitter now that I have signed up - are you following me yet?

Working on some guest blog posts for the Creative Collective Girls - stay tuned for more info on these.

Oh and transferring all my stuff from my old laptop which I have lost all faith in to a new one - didn't realise how much stuff I had on it! Maybe part of the problem?

To see what everyone else is up to head over to Lou's, that is where I am off to with a cuppa!

Happy Rainy Monday!

10 October 2010

tweet, tweet.....

Ok, so the Creative Collective girls have sweet talked me into joining the big wide world of Twitter and I have to admit that I am loving it!

I have added a Follow Me on Twitter button on the right hand side of my blog, would love to catch up with you there.

Happy Sunday!

09 October 2010

this saturday I am grateful for.....a little one's imagination

As I sit here writing this my little one is wandering around with a basket putting random items in it and having a good chat to himself. I sometimes would love to get inside his little head to find out what he was thinking.

I am now looking at the huge basket overflowing with toys that I and others have bought for him and thinking that a couple of cardboard boxes, a bucket and some empty toilet rolls would satisfy him just as much!

See what everyone else is grateful for over here.

07 October 2010

*bespoke* zine....

I have just pre-ordered my copy......have you?

All the details here!

inspiration - spring craft challenge....

I am on struggle street trying to find ideas for the Creative Collective Spring Craft Challenge! All I know is that I want to use paper..... I turned to the blog of the very talented Paige Evans who not only is a very talented scrapbooker but is lucky enough to be on the design team for American Crafts - my favourite scrapbooking company!

I love the way Paige has a certain knack for whipping up her own fabulous embellishments for her pages. Here are a few of my favourites...

[all images here]

Lots of inspiration here......

I am sure that you would agree that she is one very talented lady - who hopefully as we speak is in labour with her first baby - sending you bring on labour vibes Paige!

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