25 February 2010

Step One - Single Flower Packaging and Wrapping

So last night was the first instalment of my Commercial Floristry Course at Perrotts School of Floristry. I was in Flower Heaven the second I walked in the door. Their retail outlet at Herston is just divine, from the huge white sideboard, to the gorgeous little wire birdcages, the stunning phalaenopsis orchids and of course the trademark Perrotts Florist posy's waiting to be purchased for a very lucky someone.

After a tour of the Studio it was then down to business. Firstly a pop quiz on what flower is this? where I learnt two things. Did you know that the sap that comes from the stem of a Daffodil is harmful to other flowers and is quite toxic?? Or that Gypsophilia is the flash name for Baby's Breath? Who would have thought.

We then learnt the differences between focal, secondary and filler flowers when it comes to putting them together, some of these were not as obvious as they seemed. We then looked at the difference between a spike, cluster and round flower before a bit of a trivia session on flowers in general.

It was then down to the fun stuff! Learning how to package and wrap a single flower, which just as I had assumed, wasn't as easy as it looked! I was however delighted that Perrots use the Martha Stewart technique for tying their bows! So anyway, here is my first attempt at being Tamara the Florist!

Not a bad effort I thought!

Next week we are tackling the Hand Tied Classic Bouquet and considering that we will be jumping straight into it at the beginning of our lesson I think that it is definetely going to be a challenge!

That's it for today, I am off to the Flower Market with my gorgeous little boy to see what we can find!

Have a great day!


Tonia said...

This small bouquet wrapping is actually the thing that I still struggle with after having completed the course and all. Small bouquet single wrap argh!

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