22 March 2010

Busy Monday......

So I thought that I would check in briefly between packing boxes, tally is up to 12 packed boxes to be exact, I am definetely a woman on a mission!!!

I have today received an Etsy order from the lovely Amanda all the way over in the United States who is getting married in August.

Her order, 600 of my Vintage Song Bird Punchies

Yep, 600 of the little guys, which she is planning on using as table scatters at her Vintage Music themed wedding! Sounds like it is going to be the perfect day and she is very excited!!!

Of course this means that Amanda has two entries into my Giveaway, which suprisingly the only entries I have are from purchases made in my stores (not that I am complaining!!). Check the previous post for details.

I am off to get punching!!!!


Two Tuesdays said...

You are one very talented Mama! Congratulations on the huge sale.

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