03 March 2010

Cute Fabric + Janome = My new Best Friends!

So I bit the bullet and pulled the Janome out of the packaging. I was planning on waiting until I saw my Mum this weekend so that she could help me get started but I was getting impatient! So out came Janome and I am pleased to say, I didn't need anyone, not even my Mum's help! Was very proud of myself.

We all know that Bunting is a bit of an in thing at the moment so thought I would have a go at making some for Nate's room out of some super cute fabric that I bought a while back from Spotlight.....

Considering I haven't been on a sewing machine since Grade 8 Home Economics, way back in 1994!, I think I have done pretty well!!

And just because I can't get the camera out without Nate smiling for a photo here is one I took of him a little earlier today!

And finally, I am always up for a giveaway and I found one today when I came across the Etsy Store of Pretty Little Studio check it out! Melissa has lots of great little items and they are so so cheap! I am off to see what I can buy!!

Til next time.....


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