18 March 2010

Step Four - Classic Long and Low Arrangement

So last night I attended the fourth class of my Commercial Floristry Course at Perrotts School of Floristry. We were shown how to complete a Classic Long & Low Arrangement. Here is what I came home with....

I felt half like I knew what I was doing last night! I think that this was the easiest arrangement yet.

Still waiting for the wind to go away........

Off to take Nate to the Library to see what we can find.

Happy Thursday!!


Tonia said...

What a delight to discover your blog. I was just having trouble with doing bouquet wraps and was looking on the web for some instructions to refresh my memory when I came across your blog.

I completed the same course as you are doing, mine finished last year in December, only in Sydney. I haven't been working as a florist and so haven't been practicing some of the more retail aspects like wrapping (remember to practice - it fades away).

Anyway I have quit my job so I can launch myself into floristry completely from now. I had a successful market stall yesterday where I sold out of bouquets and arrangements. So exciting. I mostly used Aussie natives, varieties of gingers, with unusual foliage and some other things like lotus pods.

I realise now that I could have been doing this all along. Such a happy choice compared with working in an office as a researcher, or a town planner (my career paths up till this point).

Good luck with the rest of the course. My fav bits were modules on funeral and wedding design and and, actually all of it. I wonder if the course is the same in NSW and QLD. Mine is called Certificate III in Commercial Design.

Yeah just thought I'd introduce myself sinee I've been reading about your crafting and so enjoying it!

Tamara said...

Hi Tonia

Thanks for stopping by! The florist I am doing my course thru isn't a registered training provider, it is just their version of a Commercial Design Course. Our teacher is amazing, he has worked all over the world and actually did a lot of the arrangements for the interflora catalogues. I am enjoying the course and would like to do it full time one day. Very busy running around after a 15 month old at the moment though! Check out my giveaway post the only entries I have so far are for people who have purchased things from my store! Not that I am complaining but the other ways to enter are FREE!!!

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