28 April 2010

Determination was the key.....

And probably a very patient teacher....

A sleeping baby gave me a couple of quiet hours on Monday afternoon to sit down with Mum and learn the art of Crochet. Lucky my Mum is very, very patient! After lots of..... it just doesn't feel natural holding it that way...... and a couple of I hate it when I can't do things perfect the first time! I GOT IT! So how happy am I!!! Here is a little photo just for proof!

Ok so I won't be crocheting any little doilies for the stores anytime soon, those little puppies will continue to be made with lots of love by Mum (oh did I mention I have lots of new colours coming soon?). For now I will stick with lots of rows back and forward, might even make myself a little rug for snuggling on the couch!!

Looking forward to our next Brisbane Brown Owls catch up so that I can proudly say I can now crochet!!!

Happy Wednesday!


Mira Narnie said...

Yay! well done for learning to crochet - I have just taught myself to crochet too - don't you love it that its all coming back in fashion. look forward to seeing your little winter lap blanket when it's done!

krystal said...

i can't for the life of me get the hang of it, props to you :)

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