05 April 2010

A few thoughts...

Making : Craftee Things....
Cooking : Hot dogs
Reading : Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer (I know so last year!)
Wanting : to finish packing boxes
Looking : through new glasses!
Playing : chasey lots with Nate!
Wasting : time blogging!
Sewing : it's a secret...
Wishing : family lived closer
Enjoying : Life with my PERFECT family!!!
Waiting : For the sign to go up...
Liking : how things are looking!
Wondering : if this month is the month....
Loving : Husband and Natey
Hoping : it sells quick!
Marvelling : at the different things Nate does everyday
Needing : sleep....
Smelling : flowers
Wearing : black pants, blue top
Noticing : lots of things for the next abode!
Knowing : it is all going to happen just how we want it to
Thinking : happy thoughts
Opening : Windows
Feeling : on top of the world!

So there you have it......

Back to painting some walls and packing some more boxes!

But just because I don't like posts without photos, here is our little one on Easter morning!

Happy Monday!


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