14 June 2010

2nd birthday celebration dilemma.....

So I know that I should be full of ideas considering it is only Nate's 2nd Birthday but I am totally stumped about what to do for him this year. Although his birthday is not until the end of December, I figure that December is going to be quite a busy month with Baby Ryder #2 due and Christmas so I am trying to get things organised now.......

So the 1st Birthday was themed with Hoots! I ordered some amazing handmade decorations from the Etsy Store Ciao Bambino where I became good Etsy Buddies with the fabulous Jeniene! Here are a couple of photos from the Extravaganza...

Gorgeous Table Centrepieces

Cute Banners

Round sticker labels for the favour boxes I made

I am also guessing that this year would be a bad year to not make a big deal out of this birthday with a new addition on the scene.

So a theme is what I am debating over. So far I have thought of Dinosaurs, In the Night Garden (the weird show that he loves on the ABC) or Chuggington (another ABC favourite with trains). I have also thought pirates but have decided to save that for a couple of years.

So I guess I am putting the call out there to all you Mummy's of little boys. What themes have you used for your little ones?


Jodie said...

Last year we did a Pooh bear theme, but it was very low key as Mr T was sick leading up to his party.
This year it is likely to be a Thomas the tank engin theme. I think it will be easy as once again it will be fairly low key.

Jennifer S. said...

I've done dinosaurs, made a brontosaurus pinata out of paper mache and tissue paper, that one was fun. I've done trains, I have a real Thomas fan of a son. I've done "on the farm" which is good for including diverse ages. I did an under the sea one too the year my son was obsessed with the aquarium. Usually I center my theme around what cake I can/want to make. :)

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