05 June 2010

new found blog love....

So stuck again for blogging inspiration (oh how I will have so much to talk about in a couple of weeks though!!) I consulted my super cool friend Claire, who I now think I will affectionately refer to as Uber Claire, for some ideas. Never one to disappoint she sent me the link to this amazing blog that just happens to be by a fellow Brisbanite!

Let me introduce to you The House that A-M Built - sigh......

Image from The House that A-M Built

Some amazing images of A-M's gorgeous home that her and her husband have built from the ground up can be found on this blog. Building this house would have required huge amounts of patience not to mention a whole lot of good taste! Wonder if I will have both of these attributes when it is my turn to build my dream home!!

You can also check out some gorgeous pictures of A-M's home in the June Edition of Australian Home Beautiful. I had to buy it and check it out!

Happy Weekend!


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