14 August 2010

calico & co stationery swap.....

I was excited to see the Postman wandering in my front gate with an arm load of parcels yesterday morning! Amongst some very exciting things was my Calico & Co Stationery Swap parcel from the loverly Cat.

Note - Cat I had to steal your photo from the Flickr group because I was so excited I ripped the wrapping off before a photo could be taken!!

Inside the gorgeous wrapping was the cutest set of Kikki K Stamps! Now either Cat and I are on the same wave length or she did some good researching and saw that I have a bit of a thing for stamps at the moment!

Thanks Cat! I love them!

You can check out the other great Calico & Co Stationery Swap items here.


BeachCoveJewelry said...

Ooh the Bike is so cute!

Lulu froufrou said...

CUTE! I love the bike one :)

Cat said...

I was a little sorry that you got only the one thing when so many got lots of little bits Tamara but I hoped you were ok with "quality over quantity" and I absolutely saw you had a stamp "thing" which I do too. I saw these & had to grab them. Sooo summery. If I had more time I would have got one customised for you but alas, it was a quicky! :) I'm pleased as punch you like them. xxx

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