18 September 2010

this saturday I am grateful for.......weekends

I just love Weekends.....

Even more so now than when I was working full time before I had our little Nate.

I love waking up knowing that I don't have anything that I have to do.

I love waking up knowing that husband is home for two days!

I love waking up not knowing what we are going to do to fill our days.

I love waking up knowing that Husband gets to see all the little things that Nate does during the day that he normally misses out on.

I love waking up knowing that I can go back to bed in the afternoon for a nanna nap!

I love waking up knowing that I can just potter around!

I am eternally grateful for Weekends, all 48 hours of them!

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Frog, Goose and Bear said...

Oh I LOVE weekends like that too! We don't get many like that, but I savour them when we do!

Maxabella said...

I'm grateful for bloggy friends who join my linky on those lovely, lovely weekends. Happy day. x

Mira Narnie said...

ditto to everything! happy days to you this weekend Tam xx

m.e (Cathie) said...

yay!! I love weekends aswell because we are ALL home!
it's great also waking up next to someone that hasn't left at 5.30am.
enjoy the rest of the weekend Tamara ♥

Kelly said...

Weekends are the best, I love a good nanna nap too.

Seraphim said...

That picture is so beautiful! And aren't these 48 hours so terrific? Mostly!

Penny (Pocket Carnival) said...

Love love love weekends! Everyone is so much happier and more relaxed, and it's a nice excuse to eat delicious things for brunch!

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