09 October 2010

this saturday I am grateful for.....a little one's imagination

As I sit here writing this my little one is wandering around with a basket putting random items in it and having a good chat to himself. I sometimes would love to get inside his little head to find out what he was thinking.

I am now looking at the huge basket overflowing with toys that I and others have bought for him and thinking that a couple of cardboard boxes, a bucket and some empty toilet rolls would satisfy him just as much!

See what everyone else is grateful for over here.


Seraphim said...

I want that tent, it looks magical! Same with my offspring here, they're just playing with a box that a large delivery came in yesterday. Apparently it's far more interesting than the toys in a heap in their room. Have a great weekend.x

Seaside Siblings said...

That is one of the reasons we have ditched alot of the kids toys and gone for simplicity in our toys. Beautiful picture.

fairchildstreet said...

Yep my son is no 8 but when he was little he was happy to play with the stuff that was going out in the recycle bin.

Mummahh said...

Thats always the way! the simple things like painting my pool fence the other day was enough.

Amanda said...

I want to live in that tent :)
I remember when I was little and I could make a toy out of anything and I loved making things luckily I still do.

Maxabella said...

What a wonderful thing to be grateful for. Isn't that picture divine!! I just want to crawl right into it with the Tsunamis and have a play.

Thanks for linking, Tamara. x

m.e (Cathie) said...

totally agree! that is the best thing about little ones, they can use their imagination so well it definitely puts a smile on my face.
outside with a pot, dirt & water & they are baking chocolate cake with strawberries.
happy week Tamara.

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