31 January 2011

creative collective :: january project

Well here it is, my Creative Collective New Year = New Craft project!

I decided to give Embroidery a try. I had been eyeing off the gorgeous designs in this little Etsy store for a while. The January Creative Collective Project gave me the perfect excuse to pick up a needle and thread and get stitching!

I must admit that I really enjoyed the embroidery. I found it totally therapeutic. I initially had planned on only doing the little gnome peeking out from behind the mushroom but enjoyed it so much that I completed the little mushroom house too!

You can see more completed January Projects in the Creative Collect Flickr Group.

I will be doing a wrap up of my favourite projects soon!


Cat said...

Tam, it's GORGEOUS! Well done you. xx

Posie Patchwork said...

Tamara i love it, it's so cute!! Just the sweetest thing i've seen for a long time, love Posie

andrea creates said...

oh my-that embroidery is so cute!
cute shop too :)

Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys) said...

So cute!!! Especially the mushroom house. :)

Katie said...

Ooo that is very sweet, great job!

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