28 February 2011

creative collective :: february project

I honestly didn't think that I would get this project done, time was definetely not on my side - never seems to be at the moment!

Although I didn't get crazy creative with my postcards like I wanted to, I got them finished and delivered on Saturday morning whilst visiting the Farmer's Market at New Farm Park.

Here are the pics....

Check out more of the Random Acts of Kindness that have been hidden at the Creative Collective Flickr Group.

Oh and guess what....... Only one more sleep til the March Project is announced!


gnomeangel said...

I love the hole punched hearts. Such a nice touch.

I didn't end up going with the type of card I had planned either. I ran out of time and motivation. (I really need to get that in check for March.. need to be more proactive!)

Love the photos of where you left them as well; very artistic!

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