18 February 2011

quick three :: favourite items of clothing

Pyjamas - I think I own more pyjamas than other clothes! I could wear them 24/7, somedays I do, I don't think that is bad??

White T-Shirts - Can never have too many of these bad boys! Although I am slowly figuring out that white is not the most practical colour with two little people around!

Black Tights - Never thought I would say this but I have become a fan of tights! So comfy and easy to wear! Can dress them up or down! Looking forward to some cooler weather so I can start wearing them again!

Joining in with Kasiabear - you should too!


kasiabear said...

I love reading these!!
See.. I'm a black tshirt girl.. I love white but it just doesn't work around the kids. And I'm Seriously not a whole lot better..
Thanks for joining in.. Still yet to hunt down that coffee..

andrea creates said...

i love tights too but never get the chance to wear them much anymore...
it's getting a bit warmer here, now finally we're maybe trading weather ?

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