22 February 2011

quick three :: favourite shoes

Converse All Stars - Oh how I love thee! I got my first pair a couple of years ago and haven't looked back. I live in them in winter - so comfy and versatile.

Havaianas - These are a staple items in everyone's wardrobe I think! I have my good pairs and my around the house pairs!

Slippers - I love slippers too! Kind of like pyjamas really - can you have too many pairs?

Playing along with Kasiabear - you should too!

Happy Tuesday!

*Please let me know if you know the original source of this image found on Pinterest.


Raylee said...

just happy to know there is someone else out there who likes to wear pyjamas all day, i am not alone!!

kasiabear said...

Oooh!! I love converse too!! Love the photo too!
On a different note.. How addictive is interest!!


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