08 February 2011

quick three.....coffee shops i love...

I am not a massive coffee drinker so when I feel like a coffee it's gotta be a good one! I am a huge fan of Di Bella Coffee so of course the three coffee shops I love all sell Di Bella!

Di Bella Drive Thru Cafe
How much more perfect can this get - Di Bella and a Drive Thru! The perfect Mummy cafe!

Cafe Urbano
A fab place for breakfast (the french toast with mascarpone is to die for) and coffee or just a takeaway coffee!

Cup a Cake
Located in my local Westfield not only do they sell Di Bella but they also sell divine cupcakes!

In saying this - I did, after a stressful three and a half hours in the car with a screaming Baby H (more on this later) stop at a McCafe yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised and must say that the carrot cake was yummo!

Playing along with Kasiabear....


Anonymous said...

It may be 12.04 am and I have a glass of red wine on the go.........but that coffee pic made me want to jump up and make myself a coffee.
Great post, have a great week and a great coffe or two, Dee x

kasiabear said...

Di Bella?? Can't believe I haven't heard of it..
My mission now is to find a place in adaide that sells it and have a coffee!!
Thanks for sharing and joining in!!

kasiabear said...

thanks for the link!!
one of those coffee shops listed used to be my local.. might have to go and go back in time to try out the di bella brew!!

gnomeangel said...

I have never had coffee. Just the smell of coffee gives me a nasty headache so I've never been tempted to drink it. It does make "going for a coffee" difficult. But thanks to Good Will Hunting we just go "for caramels" instead.

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