10 March 2011

quick three :: favourite stationery items

Pencils - I love writing in pencil, I also think that pencils are never the same once your sharpen them so I don't, I just buy new ones!

[image source - Flickr]

Post It Notes - You can never have too many of these useful little items! I love them and use them for lots of things - notes, page markers, lists etc.

[image source - Kikki-k]

My 3am Notebook by Kikki-k - Sits on my bedside table and sometimes get a huge workout in the middle of the night when there are lots of ideas floating around in my head!

Playing along with Kasiabear - you should too!


kasiabear said...

Cool list!!
I have a heap of notebooks too..
don't just think it.. ink it..

Thanks for joining in!!

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