02 May 2011

etsy shop love....

[all images from Chloe's Closet Boutique on Etsy]

I remember when Master N was a bub that I searched high and low for a bib that actually soaked up the drool but kept the little guy dry. I did eventually find them but of course like all good things, they became a good seller and suddenly the quality dropped and they were hopeless. So here I am with Baby H, more of a drooler than Master N ever was.

So the search began, again for the perfect bib. I came across Chloe's Closet Boutique and loved all the bright colourful designs, so I placed an order. I received my little parcel and can I just say that I have just placed my third order for more bibs with the lovely Carmen! They are great and exactly what I was after! Cute, fashionable and practical!

So from a Mummy to a drooly baby I definitely recommend these gorgeous bibs! Oh and you can never have too many of them!


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