25 January 2010

My debut in the world of blogging!

Welcome to my blog and this, my first post, in what I hope will be one of many, many posts filled with things I love, things I am doing and just a general outlet to write about all the things my husband probably doesn't want to hear about and things my 1 year old just doesn't understand. Things like craft, scrapbooking, that great thing I found on Etsy today and just had to have and what such and such is doing cause I read it on their blog etc etc. There will also be lots of mentions and probably photos of my little boy, Nate as well!

First and foremost I need to thank Kristina from Blog Designs by Two Happy Mamas who has made my blog look so fab! (and is also the one who showed me how to put those flashy links on my blog too!). I had so much fun working with Kristina to get this blog set up, she made the whole process very quick and easy! The only stressful thing was deciding on the design there were way too many cute things to choose from!!!

Sit back and enjoy the ride with this One Crafty Mumma, it is sure to be interesting and definetely entertaining!


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