26 January 2010

The 2010 Bucket List is in......

So husband and I have decided that we should do a Bucket List of things we want to do this year, things that we will do not just talk about!

So without further ado, here is the list in no particular order............

- Visiting our old neighbours who now live in Townsville
- Visiting family in Scone
- Doing the Story Bridge Adventure Climb
- Husband and I spending a night (or two) together in a flashy hotel!
- Taking Nate to visit Australia Zoo
- I want to learn to Sew
- Mitch wants to go snowboarding
- Go on an overseas holiday (I am voting for USA)! We are going to the Travel Expo here in Brisbane at the end of February and intend on not coming home without booking something!
- Visit the Barossa Valley in South Australia
- Canoe the Brisbane River at night
- Go to a Gold Class movie session
- Take Nate to a St George Dragons NRL game

Wow, it is going to be an action packed year! This doesn't include the things we already have planned like our weekend in Sydney this coming weekend, me starting a Floristry Course in February and the Stanthorpe Apple and Grape Festival in March! There will be plenty of photos to be taken to share!!

We spent a very lazy Australia Day at home in the air conditioning watching back to back episodes of The Poker Star which got me really sucked in! Great to see a woman beat all those men!!! Here is a photo of me and my two boys! And yes that is a black eye that Mitch is sporting, given to him by Nate! One swift headbutt from a 1 year old and this is what happens!!


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