29 June 2010

i am wondering.....

If sometime soon I am going to be waking to see this....

Ok, that may be a little bit dramatic but I can't believe how cold it is! Even though I am incubating I still have three layers on!

Things have been busy I am thinking up and making samples of Halloween, Christmas and Valentines Day stock. Need to get this organised and under control well before Baby Number 2 arrives!

Did all Nate's Christmas/Birthday shopping this morning with K-Mart. I decided to take advantage of their create your Christmas Lay By List online, drop it at the Lay By Department before 14 July 2010, pay your deposit and then pick it up from 1 December 2010! Easy! No battling with trolley's and other shoppers on Thursday morning!

Things are being ticked off the list left, right and centre! Feels so good!

Happy Tuesday!


affectioknit said...

Wow! You're really on top of things - with Christmas shopping already done!

Dianna said...

I cant believe that you are already Christmas shopping! lol I am one of those last minute shoppers ;) plus there are 20 people in my hubby's family to shop for :O

and i want some of that cold here please! its soooo HOT! just a little tho. xoxo, Dianna

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