27 June 2010

the joys of being mum......

I have had a sick husband and a sick little boy this week. I have lost count of the number of tissue boxes I have been through, not to mention how much sanitising liquid I have rubbed onto my hands. Until going to Woolworths this morning I didn't realise how many products Pine-O-Cleen made, I bought them all. I am now busying myself de-germing the house not to mention washing anything in sight. One could be doing better things on a Sunday. I can tell you that I haven't seen this happy little boy for a while...

I am however heading out for a belated birthday celebration tonight with the fabulouse Julia! We are off to my, hmmmm it is a tough call, but would have to say second favourite restaurant in Brisbane - Anise. Can't wait!!

Hope your Sunday is a bit brighter than what mine has been so far!!


moose and bird said...

Hope your happy little man returns soon so that you can enjoy your Sundays again. Hope your week gets better. x

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