03 October 2010


Creative Collective is a group of creative Bloggers who have joined together to bring fun, interactive projects to their readers. Periodically these Bloggers will post the latest project to their blogs and invite their readers to take part. Projects might include creating a craft item based on a particular theme, a craft or stationery swap, giveaways, photo project or anything else we can dream up!

Creative Collective Members:

Tamara - One Craftee Mumma - Brisbane, Australia

Angie - Gnomeangel - Canberra, Australia

Cat Wouldn't It Be Loverly Adelaide, Australia

Kellie - 74 Lime Lane - Regional NSW, Australia

Mel - The Crafty DiY Bride - Mornington Peninsula, Australia

Do yourself a favour and take some time to check out the blogs of these very talented ladies and stay tuned for the announcement of the first project very soon!

You can also join up to the Facebook page and the Flickr Group in preparation for the first project.

Very Exciting!!

Happy Sunday!


Melinda @ Here We Go Loopy Lou said...

Fantastic!! I am a "liker" and loving it!

Kylie said...

Oh how much fu:)

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