02 October 2010

this saturday I am grateful for.....ticking things off my list

I am and always have been an avid list maker. My biggest problem lately is that I seem to be continually adding to the list and not ticking anything off. I did the same thing when Master N was a newborn, made the list of things to get done and then was totally depressed by the end of the day when nothing got ticked off. I figured out that if I set myself one thing from the list to get done before husband arrived home, whether it be as simple as get out of my pyjama's or make the bed I was a happy new mum! Lately I have been taking this same stance with my lists and I am becoming a much happier Mum and Mum-to-Be!!

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P.S. To see what I ticked off my list for today, see here.


Mira Narnie said...

the motivation of nesting should never be underestimated!! congrats on getting things ticked off your list - it's always a sense of acheivement, no mater how small!

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