26 October 2010

let the planning begin.....

I was so excited to receive all the bits and pieces for Nate's 2nd Birthday Party from the very clever Jeniene at Ciaobambino. I got Jeniene to do all the hard work last year too, you can see photos here!

So now I guess I have no excuse to pull my finger out and get cracking on the invitations - although I am cheating and making them very similar to last years but with a bit of a twist!

I think that I am going to attempt a rocket cake to fit in with the Toy Story theme. I saw one on a blog a while back but of course didn't save the link, don't you hate that!


Piper + Lily said...

Ah, we just had a 'Jessie' themed party for my Pips 4th birthday party - looks like Toy Stor is popular this year! Have fun! xx

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