21 November 2010

this week I am grateful for....blog friends

This week I am grateful for all the truly lovely ladies that I have met since starting my blog!

The handmade and blogging community is definetely one that I am grateful to be a part of!

The only thing I have left to say is THANK YOU to all the wonderful people who follow my little blog and take the time to comment! It is nice to know that there is a little part of the world wide web that I can come and feel warm and fuzzy inside!

For more grateful posts head on over to Maxabella Loves.....


Busy Bee Handmade said...

Can I take this opportunity to say thanks to you Tamara?

Your blog is always a pleasure with lovely photos & interesting snippits of this & that.

:o) Mandy

Maxabella said...

Thank you right back, Tamara! For both your blog and your lovely handmade goodness. I am a huge fan of both. x

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