22 November 2010

at my house.....

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Well there must be something in the air! I have woken up this morning full of excitement and feeling the need to start pulling out and dusting off the Christmas Decorations! Probably very premature but I thought that I would make a start. I have a bit of a list of things that I would love to get done all working around a teal, red and silver theme this year!

I have the placecards for Christmas lunch to do which involves these little pretties from Kaisercraft, will be sure to post a pic when I have worked my magic and they are finished!

I am feeling the need to make some Martha Poms too, so I have the materials ready for those.

I am also going to have a crack at some hanging decorations made from some gorgeous red and white spot paper doilies that I purchased a while back knowing that someday I would find something to do with them!

And finally I cam across this tutorial for some gorgeous paper snowflakes on the Little Paper Lane Blog the other day and thought maybe I could give these a go too?

Over ambitious! Probably but lets see how I go! No doubt I will be ready for a nap by 10.30am!

To see what else is happening grab a cuppa and head on over to Lou's here - by the way Welcome Back Lou! We missed you xx


Maxabella said...

I'm going for the Christmas spirit this weekend. We're putting up the tree and I'm going to be making some garlands too... should be interesting!! x

clare's craftroom said...

You do have alot planned , can't wait to see it all . I've been thinking of Marthas pom pom too but that's as far as I've gotten .

fairchildstreet said...

It is getting exciting Christmas tree coming out this weekend. Charmaine

Steph said...

Oh I adore Christmas!!! Can't wait to pull out the decorations. Can't wait to see all your Christmas loveliness :)

Alisi's Mummy said...

Wow! All your Christmas dec plans sound amazing. Looking forward to seeing them!

Melinda @ Here We Go Loopy Lou said...

Oh, so exciting! My 4 year old tells me he is making the Christmas decorations at Kindy this year, could be interesting!

Buttons by Lou Lou said...

All sounds very nice. Funny that this year I am looking forward to pulling out the Christmas tree as well. Often I dread it. I will be great for you to have lots of fun decorations around the house that you have made yourself. I'm going to pop over and see a few of those links as well.
Thanks for the welcome back :) Lou.

Anonymous said...

Most years I try to hold off Christmas as long as possible but with all of these lovely festive blogs I am being sucked in sooner than I expected!

Those tissue paper pom poms are lovely. Thanks for sharing that link I am going to try those myself :)

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