18 January 2011

day one - riding solo

So yesterday was the day that I had been dreading for the last five or so weeks. Why I hear you ask? Well yesterday was the day Husband went back to work and I was home alone with Master N and Baby H. And guess what I lived to tell the tale!

Managed to get more done around and out of the house than I ever thought I would.

Challenge one that I had been most concerned about was Master N's swimming lesson. I must have gone over and over in my head the logistics of firstly, getting out of the house with two kiddies - something that now takes a little longer than with one! Then of course there was the getting Master N undressed and dressed into togs, then getting him out of the pool, getting him dry and getting him dressed all with a 6 week old in tow. Not to mention the numerous negotiations in between, although these seem to be standard with Master N at the moment - I think they call it the Terrible Two's! Well that being said, I managed and with a few encouraging looks of 'we have all been there', from the other Mum's at the pool I figured I wasn't doing too bad! Let's just say that I have no plans to venture out today though!

Got a few things done around the house, changing of sheets - nothing better than starting the week with fresh sheets on the bed, a couple of loads of washing, folding of washing and the vegetables peeled for dinner.

Oh and did I mention that for the first time since we have had Baby H home he decided yesterday was the day that he didn't want to sleep and wanted to be nursed the whole day! Oh the joys!

Can I just say that I am sure that I am no pioneer at any of the above and I know that there are Mum's out there that do these daily chores with a lot more than two little ones - my hat goes off to them!

I also read with interest yesterday this post by Kellie at 74 Lime Lane which linked to this post by Nicole at Planning with Kids. Nicole has some great tips on getting the house clean quickly! I must say that I will be adopting the bathroom caddy idea! I think it is fab! Oh and the dishwasher one - just wondering if I could add a 2 year old to the list!!

So here we are at Day Two - Baby H is in the land of slumber and Master N insisted on watching Shrek - a nice change from Toy Story 1, 2 or 3 I must say! So I must go and get some chores done whilst I have the opportunity!

Have a great Tuesday!

**Oh, on a sidenote I have only just become aware that my bloggy friend Lou from Buttons by Lou Lou has finished up her business. I had been wondering where she had got to but now realise that the day she posted her last post I was preoccupied giving birth! I always enjoyed joining in on her At My House linky post on Mondays - does anyone know if another bloggy friend has taken this over or if there is something similar around?**


Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

Oh i remember this time well!! Always wondering how you are going to get things done or manage activities now a little newborn is around. I think you've done amazing on your first day riding solo! Remember you may have a NEW baby, but you're not a NEW mother - you've been here before and have the wisdom from your first!!

ps - yes, missing Lou as well, she was a great blogger and one of my favourites xx

Melinda @ Here We Go Loopy Lou said...

It sounds like you are doing wonderfully! I have to admit, the biggest jump for me was from 1 little man to 2 little men. Trust me, after a while, you will be throwing Baby H in the car like its second nature!! I love Kellie's link too! I also try (!) to do different housework tasks on different days, some days better than others!!

PlanningQueen said...

Thanks for giving my post a shout out! Swimming lessons are always a challenge. I love school holidays as it gives me a reprieve from the weekly task. Congratulations on your new baby!

Posie Patchwork said...

You make me giggle, you just have to do it. I had 4 children in 4.5 years with a husband who is always away, i mean, like overseas in a war zone. I had no choice, it's pretty motivating that if you don't take 4 children to the supermarket you won't eat (no i don't believe in delivered groceries, how will your children learn to behave at a supermarket unless you practise??) My youngest is 7, before you know it you'll wish they were still those gorgeous little babies at home, not in high school!! Enjoy, plan, pack & organise as much as you can the night before & leave extra supplies in the car, don't try to carry everything at once, keep it simple & do things first thing after breakfast, everyone is happy with a full belly & the day of opportunities ahead of you. Love Posie

Cat said...

Oh honey, I think you're doing supremely well. Don't beat up on yourself and no, you're not alone, but only you are in your situation so don't compare yourself to anyone and take your time to find what works best for you and all 3 of your boys! I'm a mad keen routine person but you know that already...other people I know can't stand that kind of thing and feel all boxed in. You'll find the swing of it and don't be too hard on yourself! xxxxxxx

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