28 March 2011

a breakthrough....

So it has been just over 15 weeks since Baby H (yep, 15 weeks) graced us with his presence and I must say that all those people who told me that your second baby would be a better sleeper than the first were right. What they didn't tell me was that the second baby would hate the car and would scream like he was being murdered from the second you put him in the car seat until the time you got him out.......

Yep for the last 15 weeks every car trip has been a nightmare, Baby H has screamed blue murder for the entire time that we have spent in the car. No amounts of loud music, me singing or Master N whinging would drown him out. I knew it was bad the day I turned around to see Master N sittimg in his seat with his fingers stuck in his ears.... So I am not going to bore you the details of what we have done to try stop him from screaming nor am I going to bore you with the stories, like the day when I was driving to Mum and Dad's (2 1/2 hours away) on my own and it took me 4 1/2 hours to get there after the screaming, a number three nappy change and being projectile vomited on, no I defeinetely won't tell you about that.

I will however tell you that something has changed and he has stopped the screaming. Not sure what it was or what we did differently, if anything, but he seems to be happy in the car now so long as we are not stopped for any length of time. This does result in me driving like I am competing in the V8 Supercar Series and doing my best impersonation of Craig Lowndes so as to not be stopped at a red light!

I am feeling a less apprehensive about leaving the house now! Yep, I wouldn't leave the house unless absolutely necessary so that I didn't have to put my little Baby H through something that he quite obviously did not enjoy!

Oh and I have noticed that Master N doesn't seem to have his fingers jammed permanently in his ears during car trips now too!

All I can say is thank goodness! I was starting to get worried that I would turn into a hermit!


Bungalowgirl said...

Ooooh yes, we've been down that bumpy road. Both my kids have been shockers in the car, Roboboy only calmed down at 3 1/2 and miss 2 is still awful. I have to constantly pull over to deal with taking her arms out of her car seat straps and constant whinging. We don't go for more than 10 mins unless essential. Only another year to go....... Glad to hear you are sorted in only 4 months!

Melinda @ Here We Go Loopy Lou said...

Oh Tamara, how stressful. I have no idea why people say things like the "2nd baby will do this, the 3rd will do that" etc. All babies/children are individuals and different. I am glad he is enjoying the car more, how stressful for you.

Anonymous said...

I always worried that I was going to be pulled over by the police for my strange driving when this happened - Me singing badly trying to drown out and calm a screaming baby and being asked to produce a licence to show that I was indeed able to drive a vehicle on public roads and not just at some race track. We bought CDs until we found just the right one. People thought we were crazy and both Nans tested the theory by taking baby out without taking the CDs we made them. She is almost two now and no one doubts our secret CDs now.

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