17 April 2011

pretty pictures :: crafty crochet



I can't crochet to save myself - just can't seem to get it!

Happy Sunday!


angelina said...

well try harder then tamara!!!!
those beauties are certainly worth the effort....man. which do i want to make the most! thanks for the links.x

Anonymous said...

I'm with you .. I can't crochet either, no matter who tries to teach me, can't get it .. he he

angelina said...
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Cate said...

Wish I could crochet too - it's all so pretty! (especially that scarf. am putting that one away in the brain bank for later!)

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

really? ok, try one more time using the online tutorial over at www.meetmeatmikes.blogspot.com and sit in front of your computer whilst you watch - fingers crossed it works - although don't cross your fingers whilst trying to crochet, that might defeat the purpose ;-)

andrea creates said...

these are all so pretty!
i started corcheting when i was little but picked it up again recently. what helped me was starting with books teaching crochet meant for kids, then worked my way up from there..

Brenda said...

Those pictures make me want to dig out my crochet hooks.....so pretty and colourful.

I went and did a bit of a chrochet course many years ago to learn all the basics of crochet. I've since forgotten most of it but if there is ever anything I'm having trouble with I use all the tutorials on YouTube. I'm sure there would be one to get you started.

angelina said...

i've done it....it took ahem, several tries, but it is doable, to someone who doesnt speak crochet!! (i linked to you!)

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