08 February 2010

A bit STAR struck!!!

Just had to write about this!

I follow the blog of Paige who I admire and get a lot of inspiration from! It is through Paige's blog that I found Kristina from Blog Designs by Two Happy Mama's who I can credit for my fab looking blog!

Anyway you can only imagine how excited I was (and if you can't I am pee my pants excited!) when I read Paige's latest blog post where she casually mentioned that she has put some of the cards she has been working on lately in her Etsy Store. So before I could do anything more I jumped straight on only to find that some of the cards that I have admired on her blog recently are still available for purchase!! After running out to my husband (who was playing his PS3) and announcing my excitement (to which he replied, you just got me killed.....) I have purchased these beautiful cards....

Aren't they just gorgeous? I have no intention to giving these cards to anyone, these will have pride of place on my inspiration board!

I am so excited that I will have these gorgeous pieces made by someone that I admire!! Thanks Paige!

Til next time......


Chris and Paige Evans said...

I'm so happy that you're so happy! Thanks sooo much!

Dianna said...

hi Tamara!! Its Dianna from Scrap Shoppe (etsy). I absolutely love your blog! The design is fabulous!!! :) Oh and I will need to fave this shop. The cards are beautiful. I think my fave is the last card with the birdcage.

<3 Dianna

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