06 February 2010

A few finds......

I have decided that I would share with you every so often some of my finds on Etsy and Made It (Australia's version of Etsy), god knows I spend hours on both these websites and find lots of gorgeous handmade items......

Today I am loving these tasty little morsels.....

Gorgeous Yoda Singlet (I can see Nate getting around in this!!)

It is from a Store on Made It called Fort and Crib

These Crayon/Pencil Rolls are such a great idea and can be found at a little store called Bianca Jae Makes Stuff

And last but not least a favourite from Etsy this gorgeous little Hoot from Tiny Warbler

Can't believe it is Saturday night already, where do the weekends go! Enjoy your Sunday, there is rain predicted in Brisbane for Sunday. So much stuff to do but might just have to have a lazy day indoors!!



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